House of Decorum will be presenting for ALE in North Augusta/Aiken on July 27, 2019 on Energy Play the Dinosaur Way

Discovery – 2nd Sunday of each month
Discovery is a great starting place when exploring this lifestyle.  We meet at a public restaurant in a private room, enjoying dinner and socializing.  The discussion each month depends on the people joining us.  It is a Q&A session so people beginning to venture in can get their questions answered, understand what they can expect from the community and what the community will expect from them.  It’s a friendly and safe atmosphere so feel free to join us. 

Dominant and Submissive Special Interest Groups – 2nd Wednesday of each month
Dominants will meet and the submissives will meet at the same time but separate from each other.  It is a time to share ideas, experiences, ask questions, etc.

The Leather & M/s Mentoring Program – 4th Sunday of each month Feb-Oct
This is an extensive class on the history and journey of Leather and Master/slave relationships.  There will be books to read, interviews to do and essays to write.  At the completion of this course you will have the information you need to move forward in your Leather and M/s journey.

Submissive Workshop – Saturday, January 12, 2019
An all day class on what it means to be a submissive/slave and how to submit your all in a healthy relationship.  What is the difference in a dominant and someone that has dominant traits.  Plus, a simple tasting with lessons in safety.

Dominant Workshop – Saturday, January 19, 2019
An all day class on what it means to be a Dominant/Master and info on how to “dominate” another in a healthy relationship.  Why do they want to serve and obey?  Find that out in this class plus some hands on safety lessons in play.

You may RSVP by emailing or on the event page on  Keep checking back with us as events will be posted as they come up.