Leather & M/s Mentoring Program

Leather and M/s Mentoring Program

This program is taught once a year and meets one time each month for 10 months.  It is generally held on a Sunday afternoon.


February 24, 2019

Introduction to Program

Myths and Realities of Leather and M/s

Assignment: Ties That Bind by Guy Baldwin

March 24, 2019

Discussion of Ties That Bind by Guy Baldwin

Assignment: Interview 3 M/s couples regarding their relationship.

April 28, 2019

Discussion of M/s in Today’s Society, Facing the Realities

Assignment: The Leatherman’s Protocol Handbook by John D. Weal

May 26, 2019

Discussion of The Leatherman’s Protocol Handbook

Assignment: Essays and Interviews on Leather.

June 23, 2019

Discussion of Assignment on Leather People

Assignment: ODS Manual by Jack McGeorge

July 28, 2019

Discussion of ODS Manual

Assignment: Essay “Where Do I Fit In”

August 25, 2019

Discussion of essays and How to Develop Protocols

September 22, 2019

History of Leather in SC

October 27, 2019

Open Discussion. Summary and Graduation

You may order Guy Baldwin’s book Ties That Bind from www.amazon.com

The Leatherman’s Protocol Handbook by John D. Weal can be ordered from www.amazon.com

Order for Discipline and Service Handbook by Jack McGeorge may be ordered from www.lulu.com