Going Extinct by Master Jan

I am not one who has all the right answers and knows all the right things. None of us are. Nor is there ever a totally “right” answer for everything. What is right for one may not be right for another.

I have been around for many years. I have grown, learned, made my mistakes, and reached my hand out to help others. I have seen the “community” change over the years and find that the things I believe in so deeply and strive to live by are becoming more scarce everyday.

I enjoy being a part of the community, supporting the local groups, making new friends, and being available to answer questions when possible or to give the opinion of an old soul (smile). Now I am finding that I am no longer getting anything out of my local groups. Instead, I must travel to find those that share the same interest I have.

I question how much experience the leaders have? How are they continuing to learn? They work hard to keep the groups alive and active but it is all about the fun. I don’t see them going to other places and learning about other things, broadening their knowledge of this lifestyle and having an understanding of where it came from and what it is about for everyone, not just some. The education is lost. The history is lost. The “lifestyle relationship” is lost.

Dominants are claiming to be dominant without training or learning. Submissives are wanting to learn from their Dominant but the dominants haven’t learned themselves. There is no more seeking mentors or trainers. There is no more earning the right to be called Master or Mistress. People just become because they want to be.

Yes I am an old soul, trained by an old soul, living as an old soul, and looking for other old souls.

I really believe everyone has the right to live as they see fit and I am not wanting to change anyone, but I ache thinking that our way is slowly becoming extinct.

~ Master Jan