Master Jeff

Master Jeff has been actively involved with this lifestyle since early 2017 when he fully embraced the Dominant he knew he had always been. His service in the military for 13 years prepared him for his leather journey. He is new to this lifestyle but very open to learning and growing in his position.

Master Jeff is currently the Vice President of T3WD and enjoys being involved. He strives to welcome new people into the community and helps to guide them and encourage them to grow in their own dynamics.
He realized when meeting Master Jan that her leather family fit the direction he desired his house to grow in and that he indeed desired the leather aspect in his life. In June 2019 he petitioned Master Jan for acceptance into House of Decorum and was honored when his petition was accepted.

Master Jeff currently is involved with the many educational opportunities that House of Decorum is involved in and looks forward to many years in the leather community.