Slave Renee

Slave Renee met Master Jeff many years ago and established a vanilla friendship. She is actively involved in many service opportunities in the vanilla community and feels passionate about helping those in need and those who are lost.  When Master Jeff approached Slave Renee about the choice to be a submissive or a slave in service to him it was a very easy answer- “Yes- I desire to be your slave for life”. Slave Renee knew her desire to serve would only blossom and grow under his training and guidance. Training began in December of 2017 and June 30, 2018 she received his collar. 

Slave Renee is new to the lifestyle and to this dynamic, but eager to learn and grow in the dynamic and the community. She is an active member in T3WD and loves to help and attend all those functions.

After meeting Master Jan and Slave Lisa in June 2018, Slave Renee felt a true connection to a leather  family. When Master Jeff petitioned Master Jan to join the House of Decorum Slave Renee was elated. Upon the acceptance into the House of Decorum she dedicated herself not just to her service to Master Jeff but to this family and the leather community.  Slave Renee is on her leather journey with the guidance Master Jeff, Master Jan and Slave Lisa.