Classes, Mentoring and Training

The definition of Mentor is … a trusted counselor or guide.

The definition of Trainer is … One who teaches another to make fit, qualified, or proficient and to direct their growth.

Each year the House of Decorum hosts several educational programs, workshops, and classes for those interested in the various topics.  Each of these are FREE to attend and participate.

The Leather & M/s Mentoring Program for those interested in learning about leather and the M/s lifestyle.  This program is conducted once a month for a period of 9 months, beginning in February,  and is an intense educational program with books to read, guest speakers and assignments.

Submissive and Dominant Workshops are 4 classes held specifically for submissives and for Dominants.  They are primarily designed to help those new to the lifestyle to understand their own dynamics and how to move forward with that knowledge.  The 4 classes are generally held once a week for 4 consecutive weeks.  These workshops are scheduled once or twice a year.

The Dominant Training Workshop is hosted by Master Jan and Sir Steve.  They are designed to help new Dominants become skilled in topping and safety.  They are held once a month on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

The family members of the House of Decorum offer Mentoring and Training to those that seek it.  Each relationship is different so to define how a Mentoring relationship or Training relationship would work will depend on the person being Mentored or Trained and what it is they wish to learn and accomplish.  These terms are negotiated with each individual and specified at the acceptance of the relationship.

See what some of our Mentor and Training Programs and Classes are all about.

Your Leather Journey

Disappearing M/s Relationship

Leather & M/s mentoring Program

       When the Master becomes Disabled

Leather 101

A Slave Experience

Technical Workshop


Polyamorous & Leather Families

Energy Play – The Dinosaur Way