megan’s words

I am a Mtf transgender here to learn and help others not as fortunate as I in finding the One that truly understands and appreciates all we are. After many, many years of searching with devastating results I was so very lucky to have been found by a wonderful Mistress and a lovely Lady. One that truly understands those like me and accepts us for what we are. One that allows me to be myself. She is strict, demanding but loving and caring at the same time. She encourages me daily to be who and what I am. Always with positive reinforcement. She freely gives me Her guidance and expectations.

There is never a question as to my position in Her life. I would very much like to return something to the community, if possible, to those seeking understanding of the things I found and have lived through by answering questions or speaking of my experiences. Thank You Ms Jan for all You have done and continue to do for me personally and the lifestyle we belong to.