Master Jan

Master Jan has been actively living and participating in this lifestyle since 1995, beginning in NC with LINX and CAPEX. In 2000, she moved to Columbia, SC and became one of the core members of T3WD. She began her journey as a submissive, starting the submissive sig meetings for T3WD. She later became the Secretary and then moved on to the Events Coordinator. During this time she went under contract with a Leather Master to be trained as a high protocol slave. The contract was completed after a year of 24/7 strict training.

When her contract was over she moved to Greenville and was given to a Master who collared her. After moving to Greenville she joined the board of SC-LOCK and was the founding host of LOCK’s Discovery, a program designed to focus on those new to the lifestyle.

Upon her release of service she took time to re-focus her life. She never stopped being who she was but began growing in a different direction. Out of service and yearning to teach and nurture, her dominant traits began to surface. She soon found herself wanting to take another under her wing and did.

Master Jan is a graduate of the MTTA Master’s Academy and has had the honor of presenting on panels at the M/s Conference in Washington, at the Fetish Flea Fair in Charlotte and DomCon Atlanta as well as several local groups. Her Leather Family, the House of Decorum, was the host of the annual Leather Ball to raise money for NCSF, and is the host of several M/s and Leather events locally. Master Jan received the Master’s Cover while at the M/s Conference on September 2, 2012.