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Ms Jan’s megan

megan is a perfect example of applying the idea of love drawing a circle to take someone in. when i became a member of the House of Decorum family, megan was already heart and soul Ms Jan’s girl. as Ms Jan’s only child so to speak, there were some initial feelings of sibling rivalry; but megan quickly began giving me the benefit of her heart. she could easily have taken the attitude that Greenville is her territory, and silently but with resentful attitude allowed me to serve Ms Jan. she could have, but spite and jealousy aren’t part of megan’s personality.

what she did was show me where to find things in the kitchen, how Ms Jan liked things done, support me and love me. Last october, when i got my collar, the slaves in the family gave me a welcome gift of a black lab puppy. it was megan who was holding my precious belle, a wiggly little bundle of black fur.

when megan comes to augusta with Ms Jan, she’s the only one i’ll let in my kitchen. Ms Jan always compliments me on the meals and the service, but it’s only at that level because megan helps me. it’s uncanny how she seems to know what i need next and is already anticipating it. and a used utensil or bowl doesn’t stand a chance against her; it barely touches the kitchen counter before megan is washing it.

now don’t go thinking that megan is a paragon of virtue and just perfect…she has a wonderful, shy, sly, witty sense of humor. megan is great and give and take. and boy can she dish it out; and when the tables are turned, she has the cutest way of smiling and blushing.

for whatever His reasons, the good Lord chose not to give me any living siblings. but he did give me a real sister in heart and spirit; Ms Jan’s megan.

i love you girl,
your sister always and forever,
property of Ms Jan and Ms Theresa

Felt I the need to write this…

We as a community and a sisterhood are losing a wonderful example of what a slave is.

I was lucky to meet megan during my first trip to the area. I was struck by the quiet and loving submission she showered her Mistress with during our dinner. I was just awestruck by her sweet nature and smile. Since then I have been allowed to talk to (not a lot) this wonderful person and see how a TRUE (yes i said it) slave behaves. She is everything I will never be, but yet I would hope my Sir someday sees that love and devotion and can be proud of His girl in this same way.

For those of you who know megan, you have gained a wealth of insight into a truly generous soul. I have never seen a mean or uncaring look come over her face at anytime I have been in her presence, yet her road can not have been easy. But she is always polite and gives if nothing else that small, shy smile of hers that melts your heart.

Sir and I were lucky enough to be a part of her birthday this year. She was stunned that all of these people would want to share this day with her in such a way. My Sir has said it is easy to spoil someone who does not expect it. That is megan…

Yes we are losing a wonderful example of submission, slavery and what it means to be a great human being. But we are also gaining from it too. We have the very knowledge of who and what she is, if we can possibly incorporate even a small amount of her selflessness into our daily lives we will all be better… better slaves… better human beings.

~ preciousorchid



Ms. Jan, I don’t believe I ever met Megan, thought I think I may have seen her with you and your family. I’ve read through all the thoughts here from others, and that is the way I remember her, too. I do know you, though, and I can just imagine how your own personal magick helped her to become who she was – who she truly was – Megan. I’m so sorry for your and your family’s loss, but she will never be forgotten, as she has taken hold of many people’s hearts, and will be there always.

This website is a beautiful tribute to her.

You and your family are in my prayers and thoughts always.

Sir Reign’s girl , orchid

Ms Jan and family-

Sir and I were saddened by your loss.   But we were honored to have known your megan.  She made a huge impression on both of us for totally different reasons, and yet we saw the same things in her that drew everyone.

ps…am honored you have posted my writing bout megan here.

Sir Reign’s girl-


Ms. Marci

Ms. Jan and Family,

I cannot find the words to say all that I feel, but know that my thoughts, prayers, and love are with you all. I have walked the path you are on in loss and it is not an easy one. Take it one day at a time and know that Megan is there watching over you. I love you all very much!

Sir Bruce and k

Megan was the first transgendered person we ever had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know.  She will always hold that very special place in our hearts.  We miss her gentle, quiet nature and sweet spirit.  Megan touched so many hearts that the world was truly impacted by her presence, and is equally impacted by her absence.

Megan will never be forgotten.

Dean & Anna Helmuth/Mustang & filly

Ma’am we are very sad that you lost such a beautiful person. Megan was loved by so many and it was our honor to know her. She was such a true inspiration. we love you all very much.

slave donna

I am so sorry for your loss Ms. Jan but know that megan will be missed in more ways than you know.

I am just glad that I can say that our family had the Mary Kay party that brought her out. I think it was the first time that she was totally a she.

I miss you greatly megan. I can truly say that I loved megan as megan and for who she was.


i, as well was and still am deeply touched by not only megan’s passing but megan herself.  megan was my ideal of what i want to be when i grow up and can in be service as she was.  Never a harsh word, always that smile and gentleness that was megan, she will forever be remembered and with U/us.   her wolves came to be with her and help her reach her new passage into her new realm and are with her now watching as ever over this gentle, loving girl.

much love,


Master Steve’s slv pat

To slv megan, you have always been such a special slave sister to me.  We seemed to bond almost immediately and although you were always very quiet you were always there to listen and to comfort me when i needed it.  I will always remember our shopping trips.

To Ms Jan and family,  I know what a great loss slv megan was, and i know she will be in each of your hearts forever.  Know that that is where she always wanted to be and was always happy knowing that that is where she was.  You all have my prayers and condolences and I too will keep megan in a very special place in my heart.

Master Steve’s slv pat

To slv megan, i could not have had a better slave sister than you.  We seemed to bond almost immediately inspite of your shyness.  Although you were always very quiet you will never know how much it meant to me when we did talk, and i will always cherish the memories of our shopping trips.

To Ms Jan and all of the House of Decorum,  You all know how much you all mean to me and my prayers and condolences go out to all of  you.  I know how much of a loss megan was and know she will remain in all of your hearts forever

Auburn & Devious

We are very sorry that you have lost someone so special to your family.

It’s good that Megan had a chance to really open up and be herself over these last few years, as a member of the House of Decorum. She did not die trapped, she died free.

Herz, Nev’s Boy

I am sorry to hear of the loss to your family. You have my deepest condolences. She will be missed.

Mistress Nev

My family and I are sadden to hear of you loss. Our prayers and condolences are with you. May you find peace in your heart.


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