Technical Workshop

Technical Workshops

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Workshop 1 – Negotiations
Negotiations are more than deciding what to do and not to do during play.  Negotiations are needed for play, for service, for relationships of every type.  Many people only look at the immediate need in their negotiations but we need to look at the long term and broader spectrum to negotiate properly.

Workshop 2 – How to Write a Petition
Petitions are simply a written request stating the specifics of what you seek.  We will create fictitious petitions in an effort to offer guidelines for you to follow when the time comes to write a real petition.

Workshop 3 – How to Write a Contract
Contracts can be simple or complex.  What is important is that they serve the need intended and that all things have been considered.  The contract will spell out the length of time, the responsibilities of all concerned, and other pertinent details needed to define the relationship in writing and eliminate questions in the future of who agreed to what.

 Workshop 4 – How to Create Protocols
Protocols are rules that are put in place to provide structure and organization within the relationship.  They also provide approved manners of behavior as well as reverence to the Dominant.  Protocols should be useful and serve a purpose.