Slave Lisa

Slave Lisa is a MtF transgender. In 2010 she joined T3WD and realized quickly she wanted to learn as much as she could about the lifestyle and where she fit in. She discovered that she wanted and desired to serve another and then found her first Mistress. She helped her develop herself even more. Being in service to her for about 6 months Slave Lisa realized that she needed more. She needed to be a slave.

In 2011 she met Master Jan and formed a friendship that developed into a contract of service. She was then in service to Master Jan and the House of Decorum. She was content and felt she had finally found her place.

Slave Lisa has lead the local TG Support group/social in Columbia, SC as well as the local Submissive SIG Meetings. She has served on the board of T3WD and is also a member of MAsT.

Slave Lisa was collared to Master Jan in May of 2012 and received her slave’s cover in June of 2019.