Your Leather Journey

Hello there,

So you have expressed an interest in seriously learning about the Leather Lifestyle?  If you are willing to commit to the learning experience then we have listed things below that we believe are crucial to that journey.  Please let us know if  you accept this challenge and we will do whatever we can to continue your Leather education with you.

The books you will need to read (in this order) are …
To Love, To Obey, To Serve by Vi Johnson
Ties That Bind by Guy Baldwin.
Leather Sex by Joseph Beam
The ODS Manual by Jack McGeorge
The Leatherman’s Protocol Handbook by John Weal

Once you have read a book, you are asked to provide an essay on the author and the book.  So research the authors and gain a knowledge of who they are, where they came from, and what they have accomplished.  Send your essay to when completed.

Other people to research and write about are …..

Master Jim and slave Marsha
Master Z
Master Taino
Race Bannon
Lady Catherine
Lady D
Lord Mercury
Master Doug and boy bob
Master Talon

You should attend as many Leather events as possible in the upcoming year.  This can be Leather Club nights, small one day Leather events, weekend events, and at least one Leather contest.  We do not dictate where or how many as that will depend on your schedule and finances.  Just do your best to attend as many as possible and report on them by writing to

There is one event that we highly encourage you attend and that is the M/s Conference in Washington DC.  It is held on Labor Day weekend every year and it is the one event we personally will not miss.  There you will find 500 people, ALL of whom are M/s and 99% of them are Leather.  it is the only event of its kind.  The cost of such event can be greatly reduced by early registration discounts, sharing a room and carpooling sharing the gas expense.

We are giving you all this in advance so you can plan your schedule accordingly.  We ask that you stay in touch with us periodically if only by email, letting us know where you are on the assignments and what, if any, questions you may have.  This is a mentoring relationship between you, (the mentee) and House of Decorum (the mentor).  It is designed so anyone can learn regardless of distance.

We wish you well on your Leather Journey.


The House of Decorum