Slave megan

From Ms Jan

Our megan has gone to another world. Her gentleness and devotion as a slave has touched many that knew her. She carries with her a piece of our heart that can never be replaced. Megan was a wonderful part of our family and we miss her terribly. Thank you to everyone who helped us through this difficult time. ~Ms Jan



Megan renee was a tgirl, owned by Ms Jan in the House of Decorum. She began her journey in this lifestyle in November of 2008 where she finally was able to open up and admit that she was indeed a female.

Since her journey began she discovered what it is like to be known and recognized as a woman and a slave. She lived 24/7 with her Mistress, Ms. Jan and brother slave.  She was trained as a high protocol slave and accomplished various training and workshops including Luxurious Service and Submissive Workshops. She was collared by Ms. Jan in September, 2009.
Megan was eager to help others learn, as she felt blessed to have the opportunity to live as her true self.




Member of:

House of Decorum

LOCK, KEY, and UPE in Greenville
T3WD in Columbia
CAPEX in Charlotte
AIRS in Augusta.

Megan’ Words

From Ms Jan