Submissive Workshop

The Submissive Workshop is a 4 part series of classes. It is designed for the new submissive but many experienced submissives have attended and found it beneficial to them as well. The classes are now being held in a single day from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.  Email invite this class to your area.

Section 1
As we enter this way of life, sometimes we aren’t quite sure who or what we are. We know deep down that this is where we want to be and where we should be and most of us are pretty sure whether we are dominant or submissive. Yet there are many questions and choosing the right path is confusing. In this class we are on a self-discovery. We come to a better understanding of what dominance and submission is and begin a journey on the path that best fits us as an individual.

Section 2
Understanding service can be challenging. Why would anyone “want” to yield to another and cater to their needs?. What is the real driving force for a submissive to “want” to serve? Is a submissive naturally weak or can they be strong individuals and still submit? How do we balance submission and inner strength in our relationships? In this section we will be discussing all of these questions and more.

Section 3
As a submissive, do we have rights and if so what rights do we have? How do we show our submissive nature and protect ourselves from the predators? What are safe calls and how do they work? If I am committed to serving someone, how do I protect myself from things I believe are harmful without disrespecting the one I serve? How do I speak up and voice my opinion without disrespecting the one I serve? These questions and more will be discussed in Section 3.

Section 4
In this class we will hold an open forum. The topic for discussions will be based on the questions asked by those attending. This is your opportunity to ask and learn about the things you have been wandering about as a submissive.