Respect and What it Means to Me by Looney19

Many believe that simply calling one Master or Sir is being respectful.  That is not respect, that is indoctrination.  The military does it all the time.  Calling someone a particular title means that you can remember to utter something in a particular way.  In this regard, at least you are equal to a parrot.  However, this fails to show any respect whatsoever.  Hell, all the online fakes sit there spewing “Sir” all day.  They have no respect for the people they are chatting with.  In fact, many of them are getting their rocks off thinking how absurd it all is.  Therefore, the word Sir means nothing.

What shows respect?  To answer this, I will tell you to look at the total package from outside of yourself.  Simply, how do you think others will view you in different settings? (like outside a lifestyle event or munch etc.)  Once you see that, is that something that a Dom or Master will be proud of?  Or, are you an embarrassment of the highest degree?  While it might be difficult, I would urge you to be honest.  Your relationship is riding upon this very thing.

A submissive, brat, little, slave or anyone male or female who has respect for his/her Dom, Master, or Daddy will do everything in his/her power to ensure that his/her “presentation” in front of others is in great form.  He/She will dress appropriately.  Their body will be cleaned and well maintained.  Their every intention is to have him/her be able to tell anyone “he/she is mine”.

I am reminded of a story once told to me about a couple of women she worked with two people who got into a fist fight in the office.  These young twenty-somethings behaved like a bunch of street thugs.  Now, this might be a reflection of me getting old, but that is not behavior that I would be proud to have my “girl” engaging in.  This is not to say that there is not a time to stand up for yourself and stand up for what you think is right.  There is a time to confront someone.

The same idea holds true for this way of life.  When one is behaving in a juvenile fashion, especially in front of others who are in this lifestyle, he/she is a reflection on her Dom/Master.  Some might think his/her immaturity funny; then again, some might not.  If I am one sitting there watching, I will think less of that Dom/Master because of the behavior of his/her slave.  The same is true if he/she is dressed like a slob with messy hair and looks (smells) like he/she hasn’t bathed in a month.  This all reflects upon the Dom/Master in my opinion.  A sub, brat, little or slave needs to take extreme caution to ensure his/her “presentation” is the best.

As stated, this idea holds equally true for the dominant person also. So many think that being dominant entitles them to act like total assholes.  That is not being dominant, that is being an asshole.  There is a major difference.  Someone acting like the later will not garner respect from anyone.  Certainly, this will not come from a sub/slave who is worth a damn.  Those who have healthy self-confidence will not want to associate with a jerk.  It is possible to be dominant and respectful at the same time.

~ looney19