Continuing My Journey by slave pat

The amazing thing about our lifestyle is that we recognize our life as a journey and most of us work at improving ourselves as we travel on this journey.  Traveling my path has taught me there is something to be learned from everyone that I have come in contact with.  This is also true of each relationship I have been involved in.

I don’t think I can ever say I have been in a bad relationship because I have tried to process the good and bad and utilize both that I may become a better slave and a better person.  Some lessons have been very positive while others have been painful but regardless I have tried to learn from each and appreciate and value each lesson and this is what makes me a winner. 

I have learned I am human and I am special and I have feelings and I have needs just like everyone of us do.  This is a pretty basic lesson and most would think that one should not have to learn this lesson but this is so often not the case.  When I came into this lifestyle I would barely speak to people, I would stay off to myself because I never felt that I was good enough. 

I attended Master Taino’s Training Academy and that was an incredible experience and it gave me the foundation to bring me to where I am at this time.  I learned abuse should not be a part of this lifestyle or any other and it is something that no one should tolerate.  It comes in many forms.   I have also learned that it is so important to “do it your way.”  My way is serving and being a good slave.   Service is what gives me my freedom and my sense of self worth.  I have learned much about whom I am and what I need and I am secure in knowing that I hold this self awareness.

I have also learned that when I am no longer valued in a relationship it becomes unhealthy for me.  Growth has a tendency to make people’s needs change and they may change without you even recognizing it for some time; however, eventually we come to a place where we are forced to re-evaluate our total situation.  It may not necessarily be anyone’s fault but just the result of one’s self awareness and a responsibility to yourself to change paths.

I have also discovered that while we trust people to practice what they have taught us they may not be able to for one reason or another and this has been a painful lesson but an important one. Regardless of what trust may have been broken or how someone may lash out it is ultimately my choice to decide how it is going to impact me. 

I choose to continue to learn and grown and improve in whatever way I can through service to individuals as well as community in our lifestyle.

~ slave pat

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