New Family Members

We would like to welcome Master Jeff and slave renee to the House of Decorum. They reside in the Columbia area and are members of T3WD. They are currently learning more about Leather and realize how easily it fits them. We look forward to sharing their journey with them.

Slave Lisa Earns Her Cover

On Saturday, June 15, 2019 Slave Lisa received a slave’s cover by her Master. Lisa has proven her loyalty and dedication over the past 8 years, not only to her Master but to her community as well. She has served on the board of T3WD, hosted the Submissive SIG meetings, co-hosted Discovery, MAST, and many other events with the House of Decorum. When her Master was unable to “perform” as her Master due to medical issues and disabilities, she stuck by her, caring for her, serving her, and believing in her while her Master healed. She never faltered but instead remained the loyal slave she is. Master Jan and the House of Decorum family are very proud of the slave Lisa has been, is and will always be. Congratulations Slave Lisa!

House of Decorum Thrives Again

After a LONG pause due to health reasons, we are happy to announce that Master Jan is healing well and now back to hosting classes, presenting, and participating in the community activities again.  Keep a close eye on the House of Decorum as we revive many of the classes and activities.

slave lisa earns vest

slave lisa has earned the right to wear her leather vest. She has been serving Master Jan for 2 years and through her growth, dedication, and impeccable service she has earned the right to wear her leather belt, leather boots, and now her leather vest.

NEW Mentoring Program Uploaded

So many have asked about Leather.  What is it?  Where did it really come from?  What is a Leather Family? etc.  Many have said they feel they are Leather but don’t know anything about it and they want to learn.

The House of Decorum has just posted (under Classes) a program that can be utilized regardless of distance.  It is designed to help people on their Leather journey at their own pace and in their own time.  For those that wish to accept the challenge offered, House of Decorum will Mentor them through their education with these assignments.

For questions and answers, email us at

Dissolving the HOD Humanitarian Organization


After careful consideration and much discussion, the House of Decorum family have decided to close the HOD Humanitarian Organization.

We would like to thank all those that have given their support of the organization in the past but unfortunately the amount of support has been extremely minimal and not enough to continue maintaining it.  We have helped many people and for that we are proud and thankful.  This does not mean that the House of Decorum family will no longer help those in need, but it does mean that the funds will not be available to help them until after a fundraiser is established and held for that particular cause.

The inventory of bootblack products will still be available until sold out.  These products were paid by a family member personally and the sales will help refund the money to that person.  Any funds after the refunding will be given to the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.

Again, we thank all those who did support the organization and wish you all a wonderful life!

The House of Decorum Family
Master Jan, Sir Steve, slave lisa, and ~pink delight~

slave lisa receives Master Jan’s slave ring

Master Jan began her journey as a submissive and later trained and served as a slave.  It was several years later when she embraced her dominance and realized her slave journey had ended and her Dominant journey had begun.  However, she always wore her slave ring as a reminder of where she came from and her life as a slave.  On December 9, 2012, Master Jan removed that slave ring and placed it on her slave lisa’s finger.  It was a symbol of growth for both of them.