Dissolving the HOD Humanitarian Organization


After careful consideration and much discussion, the House of Decorum family have decided to close the HOD Humanitarian Organization.

We would like to thank all those that have given their support of the organization in the past but unfortunately the amount of support has been extremely minimal and not enough to continue maintaining it.  We have helped many people and for that we are proud and thankful.  This does not mean that the House of Decorum family will no longer help those in need, but it does mean that the funds will not be available to help them until after a fundraiser is established and held for that particular cause.

The inventory of bootblack products will still be available until sold out.  These products were paid by a family member personally and the sales will help refund the money to that person.  Any funds after the refunding will be given to the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.

Again, we thank all those who did support the organization and wish you all a wonderful life!

The House of Decorum Family
Master Jan, Sir Steve, slave lisa, and ~pink delight~