Whip Cracking Fun in the Park Returns

Whip Cracking Fun in the Park – Co-Hosted w/ the Whip Shop

July 28, 2012 @ 1:00 pm

Whip Cracking Fun in the Park has proved to be one of the most enjoyable events around.  Simply a day at the park with a picnic lunch and our whips in hand.  We have the luxury of the wide outdoors to crack our whips and practice our techniques.  We share our techniques with each other while we enjoy the fresh air and camaraderie of others like us.

With Indiana Jones and other famed whippers we find that allowing the vanilla public to stand by the side and watch is no problem.  They have no clue that we are all kinksters. <smile>  But they enjoy watching us from time to time.  We have targets available that are not human LOL so it is all good.

If you don’t have a whip yet then there is plenty of time to get one.  Simply email whipguy@whipshop.com and order yours now.  Then learn how to use it at our next Whip Cracking Fun in the Park.



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